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There are several links at the bottom of this page that will help you explore Phillips County, Arkansas, the World of 1919, and to the History of African Americans in the first quarter of this century. Just double click and go! Can't find what you're looking for? The Mamma.com search engine will help you in your quest.

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Black Facts Online This is a wonderful resource!!!

Website of Eliza Miller High School Alumni Association

Black History Month Timeline
Findlaw.comSearch for Moore vs. Dempsey, 261 U.S. 86. This is the full text of the decision.
NAACPOrganized in 1909, this organization helped to bring the case before the Supreme Court. The Elaine Race Riots marked the NAACP's first beginnings in Arkansas.
Carter G. Woodson Read about this famous African American's recollections of "The Red Summer" as an eyewitness to the Washington D.C. Race Riot.

Arkansas Heritage--African Americans after WWI
blacks and WWI African American Oddessy (from the Library of Congress) A great insight into the troubling times after WWI.
Arkansas Department of Heritage

Arkansas Heritage Commission
King Biscuit Blues Festival
Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas Located in Phillips County, this is a wonderful starting resource for information! Please visit the community links section of this website!
Richard Wright's timeline With reference to his book, "Black Boy", and uprisings in Elaine, Arkansas.
Scipio A. Jones The black lawyer that represented the Plaintiffs before the Supreme Court.
HolsingerThis is one of my favorite sites! Hundreds of photos of African-Americans during the first quarter of the century. If you cannot link to this, be sure to email me!